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"The Extra Degree"

“Great program! I appreciate the opportunity to be part of it and (I) am starting to see results from the strategies!"

“Great seminar! Very rewarding, excellent facilitators and administrators. Timing and layout of content was perfect.”

“Really enjoyed it, was very beneficial, well worth our time. Thanks for all your help!”


"As a 15 year veteran of this industry, I decided to change the way I do business through the tools and techniques I've learned from ASG's PEaK Producer Program.  To make a long story short, I had a prospective customer with little possibility of winning the account. When I finally had the opportunity to meet with the client, I had two proposals in hand:  one was for coverage and price, the other was a diagnostic assessment. I knew my price was going to be high due to historical loss issues, so I instead focused on the diagnostic assessment and proactive measures I learned from this program. The next day I got a call that they wanted to move everything to me netting $25K in commission.  Moral of the story...

You've never been in this business too long to learn something new!"


This was probably the best sales training event I have been to.
The presenters were outstanding- realistic, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, understanding, and encouraging. This seminar far exceeded my expectations. Thanks for having us!”

“You all did a fantastic job of making the training very informative and worthwhile. It was just the right amount of time and content. THANK YOU!”

"Great stuff! I look forward to working with you guys to help us grow!"



 Lanny Saunders, Vice President
McDonnell Insurance


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