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Designed exclusively for independent insurance agencies, S.O.A.R. (Sales Organizations. Achieve Results.) Program helps your business ascend as a world class, consultative sales organization. Our program starts with a facilitated evaluation to identify and prioritize those areas that can have the greatest impact.

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Have some
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"hit a wall"?

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 Program Topics  (1 Day Onsite)  Program Topics   (12 months)  Program Topics (1-2 days)  Program Topics
  • Develop & document a growth vision
  • Evalutate current sales culture & performance against best practices
  • Identify barriers to desired success
  • Establish strategic sales objectives & prioritize activities
  • Manage and monitor progress as outlined in a 12+ month sales plan
  • Skills and behaviors proven to be effective in overcoming obstacles and challenges to achieving desired growth
  • Developing a shared value-proposition and ideology that enables your team support and mentor one another
  • Insights and techniques (and, yes, coaching) that will energize your sales force
  • Overcoming obstacles that often prevent Million dollar producers
  • Creative prospecting  that will help your team develop successful prospecting as well as manage time more efficiently
  • Consultative selling that uses the customer's "pricing" interest to your advantage
  • Growth objectives and accountability
  • Drive the skills and behaviors to overcome the most common obstacles
  • Effectively support leadership in eliminating the five producer bottlenecks
  • Includes a full year subscription to a  proven sales management and CRM tool
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