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It is important you that you have a documented training schedule. This is important for both the trainers and the trainee. This section includes several items designed to help you prepare a training schedule, including:

1) logical training sequence

2) recommended training activities

3) various checklists  

  There are many individuals that play a key role in the successful development of a new producer. This section provides items that will help you identify:

1) important roles &

2) recommended mentors
  Most agencies don't hire producers (or any position) everyday, but there are a few things you can do to make this process more effective and efficient. In this section, we offer several items that can help:

1) define the ideal producer

2) evaluate your various candidates

3) remember the things you should do
  This section includes several, generic samples of documents that should be used during the interview process, including:

1) Employment application

2) Background Information Release

3) Offer Letter

4) Reference Check

Please keep in mind that states often have unique requirements so we strongly recommend you consult with your attorney before using any HR form or engaging any hiring practices.








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