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A valuable asset to agencies of virtually any size and market, the PEAK Producer Program focuses on three crucial phases in the recruitment and development of high quality, insurance sales professionals. The PEAK Producer Program is an effective package of sales training and producer-building modules:

 ATTRACT     talented sales professionals from other industries

Building a winning team! 


  • Target individuals with between two to seven years of prior sales experience
  • Comprehensive solicitation and evaluation process
  • Proven sales assessment and personality profiling tools
 DEVELOP     their insurance knowledge and consultative sales skills
  • Structured process utilizing both online and experiential learning
  • Up to 18 months of coordinated coaching and mentoring activities
  • Online technical support resources
  • Complimentary training and forums for Sales Managers
 SUPPORT    them with the right tools to ensure growth
  • Sales management & CRM that drives a productive sales process
  • Comprehensive coverage analysis and solutions program
  •  Licensing and appointment management
  • Producer compensation and ROI planning
  • Social media and Networking


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