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We first want to gain an understanding of your agency's goals and needs. We achieve this by meeting with the owners and leaders. When we find that we there is mutual, strategic and cultural alignment, we start the process of learning more about your agency, including your organizational structure, governance practices, and financial management. The best place to start usually includes a review of:

Audited Financials: We will need at least one year of audited financials. If you haven't received an audit, you may want to contact your CPA firm to become familiar with the process.

Current Valuation: We will need to obtain a copy of your most recent agency valuation. If your agency doesn't receive an annual valuation, we will work with you to secure an independent valuation from one of three, industry-recognized professional valuation firms.

Organizational Structure: We can generally invest in C-Corporations and LLC's without any issue. We are not permitted by tax law to invest in certain organizational types (i.e. S-Corps). There are many options available if you are currently an S-Corp (or other non-permitted organizational structure) and we would welcome the opportunity to review the options we have seen before you engage your CPA firm or tax attorney.












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