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Helping Agencies Perpetuate!                           

Transitioning an agency from one generation to another is an exciting event and can present several challenges. We are positioned to help agencies pursuing internal perpetuation address many of the potential difficulties. Some of the most common challenges include:

 to sellers    to support emerging leaders

Many agencies struggle to perpetuate because it requires a flexible and financially secure seller. We can assist in this process by providing the seller with cash at the time of the transaction as well as provide completely secure backing for any seller-financing that is included in the deal structure.


We bring significant experience both in operating large companies as well as in participating with local management in agency governance. Our business experience combined with the insights of the incoming management team regarding your business, geography, and culture provides a very high probability for a successful perpetuation! 

 for future owners    for a smooth transition

Most emerging shareholders today simply
don't have the independent capabilities or
wealth to execute a deal without significant seller financing. This level of debt often creates challenges for the operations of the agency after the deal is done. We believe local management is most effective when they retain ownership and we will, therefore, reserve portions of our equity for both incoming as well as future owners. 


Our services company, Agency Services Group, can assist your agency through every phase of the perpetuation planning to ensure the interests of both the sellers and the buyers are effectively contemplated in the transaction. We can also provide "readiness" training for your emerging leaders.

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