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Our capital company, Agency Capital Group, provides a unique capital solution for agencies that wish to remain independent. We invest in well-managed agencies that are committed to growth and who wish to use the capital for expansion into new geographies, territories, or industries as well as agencies engaged in making acquisitions or perpetuation.

Our capital is primarily invested as equity and, therefore, aligns us fully with other shareholders' interests. We desire to be an active shareholder in the areas of governance and strategy, but recognize that the operational decisions and direction are best managed by folks like you who are active in the day-to-day business.

Would you like help transitioning your agency to the next generation?


 Growth & Acquisitions




 How to Get Started



One of our preferred investments
involves those agencies that desire
to make strategic acquisitions. Our
relationship with these agencies helps
them fulfill their strategic objectives by...


Transitioning an agency from one
generation to another is an exciting
event and can present several challenges. We are positioned to help agencies pursuing internal perpetuation by...


Our first step is to become familiar with
your goals and needs.This is typically
achieved through several meetings. When mutual interest is determined, we need to learn more about your agency by...


"Our experience with ABS as a capital partner has been great. We felt we could trust Amerisure and by inference ABS. Our overall experience has been just what ABS said it would be." 

Glenn Horton,
President / CEO
The Horton Group



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