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Helping Agencies Acquire!

Are you interested in
becoming an acquirer?


One of our preferred investment opportunities includes agencies
that intend to use the capital to make strategic acquisitions. We
strive to fully align with the agencies objectives and to provide
appropriate support. Key attributes of our partnering with acquiring agencies, include:



 You Retain Control  Acquisition Targets  On-Demand Expertise  Structured to Your Needs
Acquiring agencies preserve their
independence and the right to identify
and pursue transactions at their discretion. We serve in a support and governance role. We can apply our experience to help the management team evaluate a transaction, guide deal structure and other complexities often associated with acquisitions.
For certain capital partners, we will help them identify and even conduct the initial evaluation of prospective, acquisition opportunities. We will also support the due diligence activities as directed by the management team. In addition to helping management evaluate the transaction, we can work with you to secure services that support the various activities associated with the acquisition including valuations, due diligence, and implementation. We value the management demands associated with acquisitions. We can structure our investments for ongoing acquisitions with both debt and equity for growth-related investments. We can also structure performance-oriented compensation programs to include stock options.
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